Reviews of And Union No More:

Readers’ Favorite: “[The] storyline infuses actual flashpoints in history in such a fluid manner that it is practically impossible to tell them apart . . . I daresay And Union No More is a story without comparison in its genre.”

US Review of Books: “Haynes does a splendid job . . . The characters he introduces, along with the historical figures, are immersed in a death struggle for the soul of the nation . . . Historical fiction fans will likely find much to enjoy.”

Reviews of And Tyler No More:

US Review of Books: “The story . . . is riveting and astounding, both in the facts and the fictional mystery the author spins . . . Haynes is a talented author . . . RECOMMENDED.”Read full review at:

BookLife: “[An] accomplished debut novel . . . Haynes establishes the stakes and context with clarity and power, threading a wealth of fascinating history into his telling . . .”Read full review at:

Readers’ Favorite: “[M]ore than an adventure story about a bygone era . . . This book is a fascinating read . . .”– Read full review at:

Reedsy Discovery: “Great characters and some poignant moments . . . Kudos, Mr. Haynes for a great foray into the world of historical fiction.” Read full review at:

Burt Solomon, author of The Murder of Willie Lincoln and The Attempted Murder of Teddy Roosevelt: “Washington hasn’t changed all that much since the 1840s–it was just as nasty and … perilous back then. This is a well-written, well-paced tale with a nice feel for the times. It’s history that goes down easy, my favorite kind.”

Jacksonian America:And Tyler No More is a good, quick read that will keep you engaged and teach you some history about a president and a period few people remember.” Read full review at:


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